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CertVote is a secure and simple platform for electronic elections.

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Geographical dispersion is not a problem

With CertVote, when using online voting, participants can vote from anywhere in the world, provided that they have access to the Internet.

Available 24h

If desired, voting can be available 24h/day, online, without additional cost! Voters may therefore vote at the most favourable time for them.

Flexible and Adaptive

CertVote adapts to the screen size of the device being used and it is easily accessible through PC, smartphone or tablet, allowing the voters great flexibility.

Full Coverage of Your Election

CertVote was built with three components, each one with distinct accesses and functionalities, ensuring the impossibility of crossing the voter information with their respective vote. It is also completely responsive and ease of use in different devices in either absent or in person elections.

  • Administration

    On mClient the election commission may initiate/close the voting process and access the results immediately after closing the election.

  • Voting ballots

    mBallot is the voter exclusive component and where it is possible to check the ballots and exercise the right to vote.

  • Polling Station

    The polling station is managed at Multicert Polling Station (mPST) and is where the election commission may manage voters and access voting statistics in real time.

responsive devices

Completely Adaptive to Your Needs

Remote Online Voting

Voters can easily and securely cast their vote from any location and using any device as long as they have a stable Internet connection. CertVote ensures the privacy of the voter, of the vote and the integrity of results by using the best cryptographic technologies, while reducing the costs involved with performing an election.

On-site Voting

Some elections require the voters to go to an assigned polling station to cast their vote. We provide the election officers with the proper training and equipment, so they can manage the election smoothly, securely and efficiently. Help both your staff and voters feel fulfilled and confident with the democratic process by using the CertVote solution.

On-site Paper and/or Electronic Voting

CertVote enables your on-site elections to be simultaneously on paper and electronic in a easy-to-use solution. CertVote features a web-based backoffice for Electoral Roll Management which allows voters to either cast their votes on paper, or electronically by using one of our accessible and intuitive Voting Kiosks.

Who can benefit from CertVote?

Professional Bodies & Bar Associations
Financial Intitutions & Banks
Political Parties
Companies with General Meetings
Sports Clubs

Voting was never so easy!

Increase the participation in your elections and ensure all reliability in your polls with CertVote, the Electronic Voting Solution by Multicert.

As it is possible to vote simultaneously on the Internet, in person or by post, voters may access to the elections more easily and exercise their right to vote confidentially and securely.

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CertVote Warranties

Total control of the process

The voter can access a web page that, following the successful introduction of access credentials, displays the available options, allowing to vote and confirm that the operation took place within the voting period.


CertVote ensures that the vote is secret and only the elements of the election commission can access the results after authentication.


There can be no change in the content of the vote without this being detected.

Anonymity Guaranteed

Using cryptographic methods and hardware, your voters anonymity is guaranteed - it is not possible to trace the vote back to the voter.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cost reduction

By reducing the number of postal and in-person votes, you can significantly reduce logistics costs.

Immediate Presentation of Results

After the close of the election by the various members of the election commission, the automatic counting of votes begins and the final results are presented.

User friendly interfaces

CertVote interfaces are very user friendly. It was built to accompaign the user throughout the process and to focus in the current task, with no external interferance.

About Us

CertVote Proven Experience

Proven Experience

CertVote has already a wide range of customers, mainly from workers unions, financial institutions and Associations and Professional Bodies. Around 1 million voters have already experienced CertVote, from smaller general elections, to multi-country elections.

CertVote Proven Experience

Powered by Multicert

CertVote is powered by Multicert, a supplier of end-to-end security and digital certification solutions. We operate across the value chain of the electronic certification business, having skills in development, production and marketing of solutions that guarantee the security of electronic exchanges.

CertVote Proven Experience

About Multicert

We have started our activity in 2002 with a shareholder structure composed by SIBS, INCM, CTT and PT and we have offices in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal. We target the excellence and quality of our products and are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certified and have an evaluation of level 3 on CMMI.

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